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Beautifully written
“Fans of books like The Time Traveler’s Wife should love Dream of Time. If you like the historical fiction, romance, or time-travel genres, this book should definitely be first on your reading list.” – San Francisco Book Review: 4.5/5 stars
“As much as this is a light romp through time, it’s also a lovely heartfelt commentary on the nature of love, and the deft story plotting by Ms Price keeps you holding your breath til the very end. Very satisfying.” – Islaygirl
“In Dream of Time, Nancy J Price is an adept dream weaver, combining elements of historical romance, modern chick-lit, science fiction, time travel, mystery and a crime novel – all seamlessly into one riveting novel.” – Minsun Park,
“Bravo, Bravo! Encore! This is a masterpiece for all time!” – Crystal Miles Gauthier
“What an absolutely fantastic story. I loved the way it was written, I loved the structure, I loved the intertwining relationships, and I loved the understated but totally believable love story. I have never commented before, but knew as I impatiently waited for each chapter and became immersed in the characters that I could do nothing else.” – Jill Tune, Sheffield, UK (via Wattpad)
“What sets this apart from many other time travel stories is the way the writer pitches it perfectly between serious SF and light-hearted romp. The voice of the immensely likeable heroine is straight out of a modern chick-lit romance and there is plenty of humor throughout the story, but Price doesn’t shy away from exploring the darker consequences of playing with time… But much of the enjoyment of the book is in experiencing the little details of life in 1900 with Robin. The author has obviously researched the era thoroughly and somehow manages to incorporate the minutiae of everyday life without boring the reader at any point.” – Sarah Riber
“Beautifully written, historically accurate (as far as what our character witnesses while visiting the then), and just enough suspense to keep you guessing the whole way through, this is a great read.” – Christine
“Why do you keep trying to make me cry? As always, a job well [done]! I am in love with your story!” – Mythss
“I have been reading your story for ages, and it is one of the only stories I risk my phone to read in class and I wait for your updates. I have tried to vote on most chapters but after the story is finished, I shall go back on vote on each and every one because this story is AMAZING… It has inspired me and saddened me at the same time, and has encouraged me to live my days to fullest knowing our days are short.” – iraqibookworm

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